AJung Moon

Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Technology Analyst

AJung is a roboticist with over eight years of experience investigating the ethical and social implications of robotics and AI. She is an internationally recognized expert in her field, and has been heavily involved in the shaping of global policy and discussions surrounding artificial intelligence and autonomous systems. Her proactive leadership in technology and ethics, combined with her experience as a human-robot interaction researcher, allow her to provide practical, actionable recommendations for Generation R clients.

Jason Millar

Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Ethics Analyst

Jason is an ethicist and engineer with over twenty years of experience working in industry, public sector, policy, and academic settings. He is an internationally recognized expert in his field having advised on topics surrounding the ethics and governance of robotics and AI for more than a decade, with a recent focus on autonomous and connected vehicles, predictive machine learning algorithms and military robotics. His progressive and practical approach of analyzing ethics of technology provides a unique perspective to Generation R clients.

Shalaleh Rismani

Chief Innovation Officer (CIO), System Analyst

Shalaleh is a systems thinker and an engineer passionate about understanding the relationship between people and technology. She merges creative thinking, design methods and qualitative research techniques to critically analyze socio-technical systems. Her extensive experience in engaging stakeholders and identifying design needs for product development alongside her strong facilitation skills allow her to systematically explore the social and ethical challenges that robotics and AI pose for Generation R clients.