Shalaleh Rismani

Chief Innovation Officer (CIO), System Analyst

Shalaleh is a systems thinker and an engineer passionate about understanding the relationship between people and technology. She merges creative thinking, design methods and qualitative research techniques to critically analyze socio-technical systems. Her extensive experience in engaging stakeholders and identifying design needs for product development alongside her strong facilitation skills allow her to systematically explore the social and ethical challenges that robotics and AI pose for Generation R clients.

Shalaleh specializes in design processes and qualitative data analysis. She received her Master’s of Applied Science at the University of British Columbia (UBC) specializing in design theory and processes. She is an expert in Activity Theory, a well-known framework to map and analyze human relationships and social structures in a comprehensive and systematic manner. With her expertise, Shalaleh devised a new needs-finding technique based on the theory called the Activity Theory-based Needs-finding Technique to systematically evaluate and incorporate various stakeholder needs into engineering design processes.

She has published and presented at multiple international design conferences, including the International Conference on Engineering Design. In addition, she has worked on multiple biomedical device design projects including a project that required an on-site, qualitative analysis of patients and physicians in Uganda. Shalaleh also has three years of experience as a facilitator and an educator of engineering design, including her work in developing first year engineering curriculum at UBC (APSC 100). Shalaleh received her Bachelor of Applied Science in Mechanical Engineering with Mechatronics specialization at UBC.