Can a company confidently innovate with machine learning and AI, knowing that those technologies pose inherent ethical risks?  How should autonomous vehicles or machine learning algorithms be designed, deployed and governed, and what risks and benefits do different design decisions represent to manufacturers or the public?

Our services are designed to help innovators take a proactive stand on ethics in their design activities to keep ahead of these questions. Getting ahead of ethical issues gives innovators the confidence that their strategic design, policy, and business decisions will produce the best robotics and AI technologies possible.


Thought-Burst Sessions

Not sure what AI/ML ethics or Roboethics can add to your business? Thinking there are ethical issues surrounding your technologies you haven’t clearly identified or addressed, but should? Targeted for busy senior managers and executives, our Thought-Burst Sessions are short, 1.5 hr mind melds. Our consultants deliver a targeted discussion to uncover ethical aspects of AI/ML or robotics that are directly relevant to your business.


Blind Spot Discovery Sessions

Innovation may be leading you towards incorporating predictive algorithms, AI, or robotic systems into your organization, but these technologies pose unique ethical challenges and risks. Have you identified all of those risks? Where are the blind spots?

In this half-day, interactive Blind Spot Discovery Session, our team organizes and leads a stakeholder workshop within your organization.

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Comprehensive Ethics Assessment

This is our specialty. You’re developing, purchasing or deploying AI/ML or robotics technologies that you know carry ethical risks (e.g. privacy, responsibility, autonomy, bias), and you want to address those risks upstream.

Using our Comprehensive Ethics Assessment (CEA) process, we conduct internal audits of AI/ML algorithms and robotic systems you’re deploying to produce practical, actionable, solution-driven recommendations.