Abraham van Poortvliet, VP of Data Analytics and Decision Science, Technical Safety BC

I approached Generation R Consulting because we’re making changes in the use of digital technology, which will affect many of our employees. We want to do this well by continuing to value the in-depth knowledge of our employees while we supplement it with data and advanced analytics.

Generation R Consulting helped us by systematically assessing the technical, organizational and value impacts associated with the introduction of new technology.

One element of the service that I found most valuable was the effort made to restate the findings in the business language of our company. This makes the findings actionable and inspires employees and change leaders alike.


Catherine Roome, CEO of Technical Safety BC

I believe that good corporate governance requires those of us using AI in service to our clients to do an ethics review: not just because future regulatory environments will require it, but because it encompasses every aspect of the use of the tools – from deployment for employees, to impact on clients and stakeholders, to enterprise risk management. Generation R did an outstanding assessment for us which advanced our thinking around AI by years — an outstanding return on investment.